NASA Preservice Rover successfully lands on Mars


BINGHAMTON, NY – Earlier today marked another exciting and historic day in NASA history.

NASA successfully landed their latest Mars rover, named Perseverance, on Jezero crater, deemed the most dangerous landing spot on the planet.

The landing was confirmed at 3:56 PM with the data from Perseverance running on an 11 minute delay back to NASA.

Drew Deskur and the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center held a live stream on their YouTube page to watch the landing while providing further insight to those watching.

Deskur says it’s great to see people get excited about space again, and that missions like these are vital to continue learning about what lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

“There’s so much out there that we don’t know about that we need to really to find out to help us understand where we came from, and also, where we’re going. So, I think all these efforts really do help us as a human race to understand, again, where we came from and how do we make the best of the time that we’ve got,” says Deskur.

Deskur noted that the Ingenuity, a small helicopter that was stored inside Perseverance and is being used to test powere flight on another planet, is the first rotocraft to ever fly on a planet other than Earth.

Deskur also added that the Perseverance will be taking samples of Mars and storing them in containers until a future mission comes to retrieve them in roughly 10 years.

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