BINGHAMTON, NY – COVID at home test kits have become a great resource for those who suspect they have COVID-19.

With results in 10 to 15 minutes, these tests can provide quick peace of mind.

However, what happens if you test positive at home?

First off, isolate yourself. If you are infectious, you’ll want to reduce the risk of passing it on to someone else.

Don’t panic! If you’re a Broome County resident, one of the first to do is report the positive on the county’s website. From there you will be prompted to answer a series of questions (if you’re not in Broome, check your county’s website for a similar feature).

Contact your doctor. You may feel like you need additional guidance or advice. Your primary care doctor can provide you with the proper next steps, such as a retest if needed.

Let others know. It’s a dreaded step, but letting your close contacts (those you’ve been within 6 feet of for 15 minutes or more) know you’ve tested positive will give them a chance to get their own tests.

Finish your test kit. Many home tests come in a two pack that require you to use both. Wait the appropriate amount of time before retesting yourself.