Mushroom foray explores fungi and forests


SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY, NY – A hunt went on this weekend in the area, and not for animals, but for mushrooms!

The Susquehanna Valley Mycological (my-coal-logic-al) Society just had its first foray since the start of the pandemic.

Over two dozen people from the region came to set out at Martin’s Forest in Oakland Pennsylvania and gather different fungi.

Once gathered, they identified and learned about the dozens of types different mushrooms that were found, and if edible – learned out the best ways to eat them.

Stacey Kalechitz, president of the organization, said it was great to see old and new faces together again over this shared hobby.

“I like to say it’s not what you’re looking for, it’s what you find. So I try to go into the woods with an open mind just to see what’s out there, what you find. I’m not always looking for edibles, I’m looking for new species, I’m looking to learn new species, and it’s always an adventure you don’t know what you’re gonna find,” Kalechitz.

Kalechitz (Cal-et-chits) says that if you’re interested in wild mushrooms, you should join a club and go out with people who are knowledgeable, since it is not safe to try to identify mushrooms from pictures alone.

The Mycological Society still has another foray this summer in the Town of Fenton on August 28.

You can find more information about the club at

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