BINGHAMTON, NY – A tech solutions company with Binghamton ties is feeding front line workers.

Motili , a real estate technology company out of Denver, began the #MotiliCares initiative in an effort to raise funds to buy meals for hospital workers, police, fire, and EMS services as well.

The funds raised are entirely from company employees, and Motili matches up to $500.

The company also has an office here in Binghamton, with Tom Colwell spearheading the campaign.

Colwell has helped make deliveries to Lourdes, Binghamton General, and Wilson hospitals as well as several area fire and police departments.

Once approached by Matt Sallee , who first thought of the idea in Denver, Colwell jumped at the opportunity to help here in Binghamton.

“My wife and I were both looking for something to do locally with the communities. So, this kind of fell into my lap. I couldn’t take advantage of it fast enough. I moved here years ago, so I’m not a born resident. But, I love the area. So, I wanted to make sure that, you know, I kind of give back a little bit,” says Colwell.

Motili is also using some of the funds they collect to send to their office in Bangkok, Thailand.

The money there is being used to purchase PPE for low-income hospitals in the area.