BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A local non-profit organization is giving out grant money to summer programs to better educate youth on sexual education.

Mothers and Babies Perinatal Network in Binghamton is distributing 40 thousand dollars worth of grant money to 8 local youth camps. Mothers and Babies receives money from the PREP grant.

In 2019, that grant received an addendum to create a more hands on experience for those in these educational programs.

Alicia Beekman is the director of youth services at Mothers and Babies Perinatal Network and says that many of the programs are already focused on similar educational opportunities, making their collaboration a no-brainer.

“The goal of all of these, a lot of these summer camps, are working with youth to have positive youth development, to work on job skills, to work on relationship building, to look at budgeting or financial literacy,” says Beekman. “We’re looking at preparing them for the job world, career success, and overall, just helping them to make better decisions for themselves.

The organization’s mission is to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes, and to support the health and development of all individuals and families.

To look up a specific program, or information, you can visit their website at