BINGHAMTON, NY – In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, NewsChannel 34 shows the impact a mother can have on her son.

Kelly and Brian Hampton both teach in the Binghamton City School District. Kelly is a health educator at Binghamton High School and Brian is a Teaching Assistant at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary. Brian originally pursued a career in the police force; however, his mom often reminded him that he would make a great teacher.

Fast forward to now, and the Hampton family is leaving their mark on Binghamton City Schools.

Teaching Assistant Brian Hampton says, “I just can’t seem to find anything that’s fitting and she goes, you know, why don’t you come substitute teach, I think you might like it, and I’m like alright, you know, why not, I’ll give it a shot. I immediately fell in love with it. So it’s a yearly occurrence where she likes to remind me, remember that time I told you years ago that you should have been a teacher; maybe you should have listened to me earlier.”

Brian recently received his masters degree in education and hopes to find a position teaching social studies. People say mother knows best, and in this case, Kelly foresaw this career for her son.

Health Educator at Binghamton High School Kelly Hampton says, “By the time he was in kindergarten, that he has this compassion. He got in trouble in kindergarten and his kindergarten teacher said he’s the only kid my years of teaching who ever came out and said, now look, we have an opportunity to clean this room up and figure out where all the missing toys are instead of being angry that we’re being punished. And I’m like, what kindergarten kid says like that.”

Brian assists students in the library by helping them find books and checking them out. Not too many students can say they went to Binghamton, and didn’t have a Hampton.