BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Some permanent residents are about to be installed in the Ross Park Zoo’s new Imagination Forest.

Cortland-based mosaic artist Ashe Martin is seeking the community’s help in creating mosaic art pieces, mostly in the shape of butterflies, to place on the shed of the interactive forest area.

Martin says she plans to focus on some of the 62 varieties of butterflies that are native to New York.

The Binghamton native, who grew up loving the zoo, wants to create a sense of belonging and community.

“This is going to be something fun and mythical and fairy gardenish, I want to do some butterflies. They’ll be really pretty decorating the whole building with the glass and when the light hits them, the sparkliness. And then New York native plants I thought too because it should be just as much an educational thing as it is an interactive thing.”

Martin is encouraging people to come to the Cortland Repertory Theatre tomorrow evening from 5 to 8 to help create the butterflies using pieces of broken glass, tile and ceramics.

There are 16 slots with 10 of them already booked.

Martin also plans to hold another community event to produce the mosaics at the Ross Park Zoo sometime in late April or early May.