ALBANY, NY – New York State Attorney General Letitia James has released new transcripts and video from former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment investigation.

NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine spent several hours going through the documents and video testimonies and found some new revelations.

In a video testimony released today, Cuomo accuser Brittany Commisso detailing a grouping incident she says happened last year at the Governor’s executive mansion.

He really pulled me in and I remember his hands just sliding right up my blouse and I remember looking down, seeing his hand.

Commisso says his hand was placed over her bra on her left breast.

Describing the incident as happening fast, while the door in the was open. Commisso telling investigators that she told the governor he was going to get them in trouble.

“I remember him shutting the door and coming back saying, ” I don’t care.” It wasn’t like a haha, it was like ” I don’t care. ” at that moment he was sexually driven. I could tell. The way he said it, it could tell.

Cuomo denying the claims in his video testimony.

“That never happened. That never happened. That never happened. That never happened,” says Cuomo.

Also released by the Attorney General today were transcripts and exhibits from Chris Cuomo, Andrew’s brother, who works as a journalist for CNN.

The documents suggest he was helping to defend his brother more than he originally admitted.

In an exchange with Melissa DeRosa, the former governor’s top aide, she asked Chris Cuomo to check his sources when it came to rumors of more accusers coming forward to Politico with sexual harassment claims. To which he responded, quote “on it.”

CNN now says it will conduct a thorough review of these documents that were just released.

A spokesman for Cuomo released the following statement in response to the documents.

“To the surprise of no one, Tish James continues abusing her government power to leverage her political future.”