The Phelps Mansion gave visitors an inside look at a woman who crossed barriers. 

This month’s Mondays at the Museum featured a performance about investigative reporter Nellie Bly today.

Written by Judith Present, head of Present Arts, and performed by Maryann Johnson, the show detailed the life of Bly who was one of the first prominent female reporters.

One of Bly’s most well-known stories happened while she was working for Joseph Pulitzer.

Bly engineered her own commitment to a mental asylum to expose their horrid conditions. 

Present says she was a woman that worked until she achieved all her goals. 

Judith Present Playwright says “She was one of the people who crossed a barrier for women. Women were not reporters and if they were they had to talk about fashion, and recipes and what they thought women should do. She wanted to go to Mexico and go up in a balloon and she did.”

The performance is part of a series written by Present titled ‘Those Who Cross Barriers.”

A couple of other historical figures in the series include the Wright Brothers and their sister along with Sophie Lyons.

Those interested in having Present Arts do a performance at their event can call Present at 570-798-2320.