BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Congressman Marc Molinaro is condemning antisemitism on Binghamton University campus.

After Wednesday’s anti-Israel protest at Binghamton University, a student went viral in an online video for saying “If Hamas is worse than ISIS, than Israel is worse than Nazi Germany.” Now, Molinaro has posted a video of his own, calling the remarks “disgusting” and “dangerous”.

“These remarks open old wounds, obstruct the healing process, and underscore the need to enlighten many Americans – especially many young Americans – about the horrors of the Holocaust. I authored legislation to promote the teaching of accurate Holocaust history in our schools. The lessons of the Holocaust cannot ever be forgotten,” said Molinaro.

The Congressman, who is a staunch ally of Israel, has been working tirelessly to root out the proliferation of antisemitism. His efforts include authoring legislation to promote Holocaust education in schools and on Wednesday, he voted to pass bipartisan legislation that reaffirmed Congress’s support for Israel amid its war against Hamas.

“So, let me speak directly to the students who have launched these anti-Israel protests at colleges across America. We will always respect — and fight — for your right to free expression. But we will never accept bigotry or outright idiocy. Please take the time to learn history, remember the past and open your eyes and minds to truth. We will not forget,” concluded Molinaro.

To watch Molinaro’s full statement, click here.