BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) After years of construction, a mixed-use bike and pedestrian path connecting Binghamton University with downtown Binghamton is open to the public.

The Greenway multi-use path that stretches over two and a half miles along the Vestal Parkway.
It connects Pennsylvania Avenue in Binghamton all the way to Murray Hill Road in Vestal. Local and state officials gathered at the Greenway Connector in MacArthur Park today to cut the ribbon and officially invite the public to utilize the path.

The Regional Director of the New York State DOT, James Rusak says that more and more people are looking for alternatives to driving, and the Greenway makes the area more accessible than ever.

“So, this truly is a game changer for Vestal, Binghamton and the entire region. Not only does it tie Binghamton together, and promote alternatives to motorized travel, which is better for our health and the environment, but we also expect the Greenway to become a destination on its own,” said Rusak.

The project has been under construction since 2021.

The path is lined with new lighting, and landscaping, and adheres to all ADA standards.

Members of the Southern Tier Bicycle Club made an inaugural bike ride following the ribbon cutting.