BINGHAMTON, NY – Throughout the month of October, each coffee you buy from Mirabito could help cancer research.

The gas station chain is launching its Pink Cup campaign, which began yesterday and runs through Halloween.

Through the initiative, all Mirabito locations will donate 28-cents, representing the 28% of women diagnosed with breast cancer, for every 20-ounce coffee sold to the Saint Agatha Foundation.

Mirabito’s Public Relations and Creative Marketing Manager Lindsay Meehan says she’s optimistic people will buy enough coffee to make a sizeable donation.

“We certainly hope that we see a boost in coffee sales this month, in honor of the breast cancer awareness initiative we have going on. You definitely should feel proud carrying around this pink cup, knowing you’re fueling and helping people in your community, not just fueling up on your morning coffee. So, we certainly hope to see an increase in sales, which would mean an increase in the donations we’re able to make,” says Meehan.

The St. Agatha Foundation partners with hospitals and health care providers to help cover costs for breast cancer treatment and recovery.

Meehan added that last year, Mirabito was able to donate over $10,000 to breast cancer research.