Minimum wage increase on January 1st


Nearly half of the U.S. will see a statewide minimum wage increase on January 1st. 

But residents in New York will see varying changes to their paycheck depending on where they live. 

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan McKay breaks it down for us…

For the past three years, the state has welcomed the New Year with a new minimum wage. And this year will not be any different. 

Cuomo: We are the first state to truly attack economic injustice by raising the minimum wage to $15

But Only a portion of New Yorkers will actually see this number this next year. Here is what you can expect on December 31st. 

New York City employees for large companies are the only ones who will see the minimum wage increased to fifteen dollars an hour. 

Long Island and Westchester will see an increase to $12 an hour. 

And the rest of the state? Well we will see an increase to $11.10 cents an hour next year. 

Mario: That was part of the agreement, that we would take into consideration the different regions of the state as well as the businesses 

However, groups like the state business council have voiced concern in the past about the burden this places on companies and worry that this will cut out entry level jobs. Yet the state’s labor union says what companies might lose in paying their employees a higher wage, they will make up for when more people invest back into the market. 

Mario: When we raise the minimum wage, workers at the lower end of the pay scale put that money right back into the economy….the local hardware store, and the diner and the dry cleaner they all prosper as well because that money goes right back into the community. So the small businesses prosper as well as the local tax bases across the state do better because workers are paying their taxes on a higher salary

But It will be a while before upstate sees a $15 minimum wage. Long Island and Westchester will reach fifteen an hour by December 2021, but it is still unknown when the rest of the state will be able to catch up. 

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