Meter upgrades


If you’re upgrading your electrical panel, or anytime you upgrade electrical service, you’ll probably need a meter upgrade as well. Your meter is located on the outside of your home, preferably, opposite the main panel. It’s connected to the utility pole via the service entrance conductor, and measures all electricity flowing into your home. The meter, the service entrance conductor, and electrical panel should all have the same amp rating, so they can all handle the same amount of current. That’s why a change in one, often requires a change in the other. When the old meter is removed, this is called ‘pulling the meter;’ it cuts off all power to the home, and is usually the only way to de-energize the panel itself. A word of caution: pulling a meter can be very dangerous; never attempt it by yourself. Any meter upgrade should be coordinated between the utility company, the local inspector, and your electrician. The exact placement and setup will be determined by local codes. For more details on upgrading a meter, contact your utility company, or a good electrician.

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