BRACKNEY, PA – Some men from different backgrounds, different denominations and different parts of the country have gathered on the mountaintop for a few days of prayer and fellowship.

“Men Under Construction” is the name of a men’s retreat taking place at Arrowhead Bible Camp in Brackney.

Spearheaded by Reverend Arthur Jones of the Mount Sinai Church of God in Christ in Binghamton, the 3 day event is an opportunity for the participants to explore their spiritual and mental well-being.

The men pray together, sing together and share their personal stories of struggle and redemption.

“We share, we reveal, we open up, we have steps, we offer solutions, and we go back better men. We go back better fathers, we go back better husbands, leaders in our communities. We go back really challenged. We just boot up, this is where we get a spiritual tune up,” says Reverend Arthur Jones.

This is the eighth year of the retreat.

Forty-five men have gathered from the local area, Upstate New York and as far away as Florida and Rhode Island.

This year’s special guest is Reverend Doctor Scott Bradley who was the Team Chaplain for the Chicago Bulls for 37 years.

Bradley focused on men becoming spiritual leaders within their own families.

He says men need other men to confide in and discuss their feelings, and so do boys.

“Boys coming up need men, need their fathering. Sometimes when the father’s not there, sometimes they need a positive role model. Because who would understand a boy becoming a man more than a man who at one time was a boy,” he said.

The retreat began yesterday with a golf outing and pizza party at Mount Sinai.

Besides prayer and discussions, the retreat has plenty of time for fishing, hiking, games, sports and simply hanging out without television or WiFi.

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