Mayor David releases information regarding police protocols


BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton Mayor Rich David has released information regarding some of the city’s police policies and protocols.

In light of the nationwide events stemming from the death of George Floyd, David released the Binghamton Police Department’s Use of Force Policy today.

In the policy, much of which has been in place since 2015, there are several protocols in regards to use of physical force by an officer.

Some examples of those tactics are bans on chokeholds or neck restraints and shooting at moving vehicles.

Officers are also required to de-escalate a situation, warn before shooting, and must exhaust all alternatives before shooting.

Mayor David says that he has been receiving inquires from community members about the department’s policies, and felt that this was the time to make it public knowledge.

“The chief and I have these conversations and work on this every day. So, sometimes, we assume that everyone knows what we know, and that’s obviously not the case. So, some people may think our policies are several decades old. So, this is really about communication, about transparency, and letting people know that we have been proactive,” says David.

One of the policies that wasn’t in writing is the duty of officers to intervene, which requires one officer to stop or prevent a fellow officer from using excessive force.

However, Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski says that has been the department’s policy for years, and will be official soon.

“We’ve had that in place. Somehow, it went through the cracks as not specifically spelled out in our policy. It will be in this new policy that is coming out, hopefully in two-to-four weeks. But, that has been our policy. All my officers know that. They’ve been trained with that, on that, like I said, the last four, five, six years. We’d be more than willing to show you the lesson plans on how we trained it this year,” says Zikuski.

The city plans to release a new, updated policy, with the addition of the “Duty to Intervene” protocol, as well as other minor changes.

You can find the full current policy at Binghamton/

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