ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)-New York State leaders are standing in solidarity with Israel. The governor on Monday raised the Israeli flag outside of her residence in Albany.

“New York State has, I believe, the largest concentration of Jews outside of the state of Israel,” said Rob Kovach, President and CEO of Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York. “Our governor has been incredibly supportive. Even our Capitol downtown has been lit up blue and white as a sign of solidarity so I think our state has been tremendous.”

Landmarks across the state have been illuminated with the colors of the Israeli flag. We’re told Governor Hochul has been in communication with the Israeli president, offering condolences of those killed in the attacks, and discussing the safety of New Yorkers currently in Israel.

Americans in Israel who require emergency aid are being directed to contact the US Embasy.

“We are working actively with the US embassy to help identify people, bring them home get them here safely, said Hochul on Sunday.

Over the weekend, people showing support for Palestine gathered in Time Square. A counter protest was also held.

State Senate Minority leader Rob Ortt, issued a statement on Sunday saying,“Israel is at war with terrorists who share the same mentality of the 9/11 hijackers. We stand with Israel and against their sympathizers in our midst.”

While there has been no confirmed threats, the governor has directed state police to monitor places of worship as a precaution.