DELHI, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – After allegedly killing one person and injuring another, a Staten Island man has pled not guilty to multiple felony motor vehicle related crimes.

Delaware County Acting District Attorney Shawn Smith announced that 70-year-old Rudolph Pacheco appeared before the court on September 15 for arraignment. The Delaware County Grand Jury presented Pacheo a sealed nine-count indictment that accused him of various felony crimes for his alleged involvement in a fatal car crash. Pacheo was charged with Vehicular Manslaughter in the First and Second Degree; a Class C and D Felony, Aggravated Vehicular Homicide; a Class B Felony, Assault in the Second Degree; a Class D Violent Felony, Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated, Reckless Driving, and Leaving the Scene of a Personal Injury Crash that resulted in death; Class D Felony. 

On August 2, Pacheo allegedly operated a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol content greater than .18 per centum. Due to his high levels of intoxication, Pacheo allegedly drove on the side of the road and hit an elderly husband and wife as they were on a walk. Pacheco initially stopped after the crash, but then later fled the scene. His car was stopped by police approximately 12 miles away from the incident.

One of the pedestrians was pronounced dead at the scene and the other was transported to the emergency room to receive treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

Delaware County Court Judge the Honorable John Hubbard ordered bail to be set at the sum of $50,000 cash, $250,000 secured bond, and $500,000 partially secured bond. A conference is scheduled for October 10.

Smith commended the New York State Police and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department for their thorough investigation into the fatal crash.