ENDWELL, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Yesterday, February 16th, a flyer was distributed to Homer Brink Elementary School students that caused an uproar among the school community.

The Satanic Temple and & Reason Alliance issued a letter regarding an “After School Satan Club.”

According to the letter, The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religion, and is officially recognized by the IRS as a Church with Tax Exempt Status.

“ASSC is taught by volunteer teachers who live in the community, have passed extensive criminal background checks, and are looking forward to engaging children in a variety of fun activities centered round The Seven Fundamental Tenets.”

In the letter, the club says that it will be hosting several meetings at Homer Brink Elementary School after school dismissal in the gym.

The Maine-Endwell Central School District sent out the following information regarding the letter.

Superintendent Jason Van Fossen said that the school district has decided not to deny the use of district facilities to outside organizations, in accordance with the US Supreme Court decision that allows access to facilities by outside groups, including religious groups.

In the spring. a non-school organization, the Good News Club, requested to use space at Homer Brink Elementary School once awake. In accordance with federal laws, their request was approved.

According to Van Fossen, the only other option would be to shut down all outside use of school facilities.

In November, a Maine-Endwell parent reportedly reached out on behalf of the After School Satanic Club (ASSC) requesting the use of Homer Brink Elementary. The flyer was sent home to students yesterday as the club followed all required rules for request of the use of school facilities and were subsequently approved for use.

In response, the district reviewed the board policy regarding use of school facilities by non-school organizations. It identified the following pathways:

  • Exclude all non-school organizations from using school facilities. These organizations would include groups like our Little Leagues and community organizations (music groups, adult recreation, etc.) that both benefit our families and children and have been allowed use for many years.
  • Exclude some non-school organizations but not all. This decision would result in unnecessary lawsuits (and expenses).
  • Continue with the current policy of allowing non-school organizations use of school facilities (within policy restrictions).

After much consideration, the district reiterated that it will go with option three, and continue to allow citizens of the district to use school facilities.

The district says it believes that parents have the ultimate right and responsibility of deciding what activities their children participates in.

The Maine-Endwell Central School District concluded by saying that it does not endorse these clubs.

This is a developing story.