BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – (WIVT/WBGH) With LUMA just weeks away, festival organizers have announced the addition of a unique new experience.

Along with the six free projection shows, LUMA will be hosting “Beyond,” an immersive paid exhibit. Beyond is an outdoor light show accompanied by a powerful audio that is said to transport you to another state by using the illusion of depth and sound. Taking place along the Chenango River, the projection lasts about five minutes and explores the relationship between space, time, and perception. Created by Barcelona-based research studio Playmodes, guests are invited to “travel without moving in a collision between inner and outer, darkness and light, death and life.”

Tickets to Beyond are $5 for general admission and go on sale at 3 p.m. on August 22. Per the artist’s request, tickets to the show are extremely limited are expected to sell out quickly. The ticketed experience serves as a fundraiser to help sustain LUMA and further support their mission.

The LUMA Projection Arts Festival is taking place in downtown Binghamton on September 8 and September 9 from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. The festival is free for all who wish to attend and features a collection of light projection shows across some of the city’s most historic buildings. LUMA began in 2015 and has grown substantially ever since as they work to showcase local talents and bring life back to downtown Binghamton.

Beyond is Playmodes’ second projection for LUMA. Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio that uses custom, self-made technologies to create installations, projection mapping, and lighting. They joined the festival in 2022 with the American debut of their immersive installation “Horizen.” Horizen, much like Beyond, used perspective and illusion to create an interactive lightshow experience. From the undergrounds of the State Street parking garage to the bridge across the Chenango River, Playmodes has quickly become a staple artist for the festival.

Tickets for Beyond can be purchased here. For more information on LUMA, visit their website