BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – LUMA organizers say that this year’s festival will be full of never before seen artistry from all over the world.

The largest projection arts festival in the U-S will take place on Friday September 9th and Saturday September 10th in downtown Binghamton.

This will be the 8th edition of LUMA as international artists design animation that are projected onto and interact with several historic buildings.

2 of the 6 creators are returning artists, Max10sity from Hungary and Mindscape Studio from Romania.
Production Director Anna Warfield said that the festival is excited to welcome in 4 new contributors.

Production Director Anna Warfield said, “These artists are coming from all across the globe. They’re bringing various elements to the festival that we have yet to see before. These artists include 3 projection mappers and one exciting installation piece.”

The new projection mapping artists are Julia Shamsheieva of Ukraine, The Fox, The Folks from Indonesia and Romera of Spain.

Playmodes, also of Spain, will construct a light installation inside the State Street parking ramp.

LUMA also thanked 2 of its major sponsors, IBM and Visions Federal Credit Union, for supporting the mostly free festival.

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