BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) Downtown Binghamton’s flagship lights festival is only a couple of weeks away, and this year’s artists are flying in from every corner of the globe.

LUMA, the largest projection arts festival in the country will take place on September 8th and 9th in downtown Binghamton, and will feature six artists, three of which are new this year.

The returning acts include Maxin10sity from Hungary, Mindscape from Romania, and Romera from Madrid. The new acts include Glitch from Belgium, Yann Nguema from France, and Snow Raven who will put on the first live singing performance in collaboration with Mindscape.

Co-Founder of the festival, Josh Bernard says that the festival is something that you have to experience in person.

“Three new artists, three returning artists, all favorites, all from around the world. Some of the best immersive artists around the globe, we are very very proud to say. The quality of work truly gets better and better every year. I always say, if you haven’t been to LUMA in two years, you haven’t been to LUMA. It evolves, it changes it transforms, it grows, so please come back, check it out, join us,” said Bernard.

LUMA was founded in 2015, and for the first show, organizers expected roughly 3,000 people to attend, but 30,000 ended up lining Binghamton’s downtown streets.
Bernard says that the festival has raised roughly 15,000 of its 40,000 goal on Kickstarter.

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