Looking at the next steps in the attack on Iran


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, House lawmakers in DC are holding the first hearing looking into the Trump administration’s decision to target and kill an Iranian general.

As NewsChannel 34’s Raquel Martin shows us, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was invited to testify, but declined to appear.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth:

“It’s egregious, it’s his job to show up and respond”

Iraq War Veteran and Senator Tammy Duckworth is slamming Secretary of State Mike Pompeo…after he declined to appear at the first Congressional Hearing on recent attacks against Iran (he’s in California).

She says the Trump Administration is not being transparent about what led to the targeting killing of a top Iranian General and how they plan to resolve tensions in the Middle East.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth:

“I’m asking the White House how do we move forward and they have none.”

Richard Hass; National Security Expert:

“Just because solemani was evil and just because killing him may have been legally justifiable does not make it wise.”

At the hearing Richard Hass, the former State Department Director of Policy Planning, said the US likely made matters worse in the Middle East.

Richard Hass; National Security Expert:

“Killing interrupted useful dynamics in Iran and Iraq.”

Since the strike the US has ordered new sanctions against Iran.

Iran has promised to resume its nuclear weapons program.

And Iraq has threatened to remove US troops from the country.

Avril Haines former Deputy National Security Adviser says right now support from NATO allies is vital to avoid war.

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