BINGHAMTON, NY – Mayor Jared Kraham has announced the return of the City Lockdown Law to target problem properties.

The Property and Building Nuisance Reform Law, commonly known as the Lockdown Law, assigns point values to properties for different types of nuisance activity. More serious crimes grant higher point values.

A building is considered a problem if it accumulates twelve or more points in a six-month period or, eighteen or more points over a year.

Mary Ann Callahan, a member of the First Ward’s neighborhood watch, says the lockdown law gives power to the people.

Member of the First Ward Neighborhood Watch Mary Ann Callahan says, “They are giving us back the tools we need to fight back against the things that are happening in our neighborhoods that we do not like. And I would urge everyone to think about it. Not being afraid, please don’t be afraid; the police will work with you, they are very understanding your anonymity is protected. They will understand, they will work with you.”

Kraham says the law is the city’s most effective tool in stopping illegal activity at establishments that skirt the law, disturb quality of life, and too often attract violent criminal behavior.

The City used a previous Lockdown Law in 2014 to shut down 17 East, an illegal nightclub on Clinton Street.