Local woman benefits from proton therapy for cancer treatment


A Nineveh woman is spreading the word about a cancer treatment she says got her back on her feet in a matter of months.

Phyllis-Ann Walsh owns Corbec Farm where she and her husband raise golden retriever hunting dogs, show horses, and rescue donkeys.

Walsh is also a licensed psychotherapist specializing in children with attachment disorder.

Last May, she was diagnosed with cancer of the parotid gland which is located in the neck and produces saliva.

Walsh says she had heard about negative side effects of traditional radiation treatment on the neck such as loss of speech, difficulty swallowing and sores in the mouth.

So following surgery in July, she chose to travel to Somerset, New Jersey to the ProCure proton therapy center.

Walsh says proton is a more targeted form of radiation that does less harm to surrounding healthy tissue.

And she says she had more energy following treatment and less need for painkillers.

“When I got home, I was able to pick up my life. I got home on a Saturday and started seeing my clients on Monday. It really interfered very little. And I have a very full life,” said Walsh.

Walsh says she had 33 treatments between August and October and that a recent scan showed her to be cancer free.

And she says the proton therapy was covered by her health insurance.

For more information on proton targeted radiation, go to ProCure.com.

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