Donald Trump supporters have the opportunity to share their views with the broader world this weekend.

Freelance photographer Simone Lueck of New York City wants to photograph Trump backers for a photo shoot she hopes to sell to a major New York publication such as the Times or The New Yorker.

Lueck said she chose Binghamton because polls show that the 22nd Congressional District has the highest percent of support for Trump among Republicans, 49 percent, of any district in the state.

She said national media seem to focus solely on Trump himself with little regard for who his supporters are.

“I thought that this big piece of the puzzle is missing which is: Who are the actual people that are supporting Trump? Why are they supporting Trump? What’s compelling about this person?  nd is there a culture around that? Who are these people?” she said.

The project will consist of portraits of Trump supporters along with a short text about why they’re backing him.

You can schedule an appointment with Lueck by calling her at 213-977-9406.