BINGHAMTON, NY – A champagne connoisseur from our area is preparing to educate people on all there is to know about the bubbly beverage.

Andrew Salamida is a Court of Master Sommelier, which is someone who is trained and knowledgeable about wine.

The son of State Fair Spiedie Sauce creator Rob Salamida, Andrew says he learned about a commitment to quality growing up in his family’s business.

Salamida got all of his wine training while studying at Cornell University under professor Cheryl Stanley.

He says many people mistakenly reserve champagne for the holidays and other special occasions.

And that while it can be expensive, it isn’t always.

“It can be affordable and it can be achievable and something that you work into something that you have weekly or whenever you choose to drink. It’s something that pairs well with spiedies, a great summertime treat. So, it doesn’t necessarily have to be just for a celebration. Champagne should be every day,” says Salamida.

Salamida is returning to Southbridge Wine and Spirits, where he once worked, tomorrow afternoon for an annual champagne tasting.

In addition to sampling these wines, which must come from the Champagne region of France, Salamida will discuss how to choose a champagne and the proper way to open a bottle.

Southbridge is located on Vestal Avenue on Binghamton’s Southside.

The tasting runs from 1 to 4 and all of the champagnes will be sold at discounted prices, while supplies last.