Local principal uses Tik Tok to connect with students while schools are closed


BINGHAMTON, NY – A local high school principal has decided to meet his students in an entirely different kind of classroom.

Binghamton High School Principal Kevin Richman decided to join the popular app Tik Tok to make some entertaining videos to share with his students.

The videos began as part of the school’s virtual spirit week, which encouraged students to enter submissions for days such as Throwback Thursday to keep morale up.

Richman says it’s a great way of showing the kids that he supports them and is there for them, especially in these uncertain times.

“One of the things we try to preach here, as much as academics are the focal point of schools, social and emotional well being is just as important. So for us to be able to, for me to be able to, provide a little humor, provide a smile, it’s just as important as some of our kids doing academic work,” says Richman.

Richman says that even though virtual spirit week has ended, he still plans to continue with the Tik Toks.

He also says he’s been taking time to watch all the videos his students have sent in.

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