Local peace activists mark the 20th anniversary of the start of the War in Afghanistan


BINGHAMTON, NY – Peace activists are appealing to local faith leaders to treat today as a more significant anniversary than September 11th.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the War in Afghanistan and the broader War on Terror that the United States launched in response to 9-11.

Members of Broome County Peace Action and Broome County Veterans for Peace visited 3 houses of worship today to deliver letters asking faith leaders to preach against war.

They began at Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in Binghamton where Father Tim Taugher grew up.

Taugher is now the rector of Saint Francis of Assissi in Hillcrest.

“We’ve become so indifferent is the attitude and spirit in the country. Recognizing this day, it should be a day that we remember what happened on this day 20 years ago. We just finished it in August, a 20 year war. $2 trillion, what did it get us? Afghanistan is a mess today,” says Taugher.

The group also traveled to Tabernacle United Methodist Church and Temple Concord in Binghamton to deliver their letters.

The activists want faith leaders to condemn the killing of civilians by unmanned U-S drones that are flown by remote pilots stationed at Hancock Field in Syracuse.

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