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Windsor Middle School Principal named the 2018 New York State Principal of the Year

WINDSOR, N.Y. - A Windsor School District administrator has been named principal of the year.

Windsor Middle School Principal Kevin Strahley has been named the 2018 New York State Principal of the Year.

An assembly was held this morning where the students were told that he had won.

Strahley had received the news last week.

He has been principal for six years and was nominated by faculty members and received letters of recommendation from students, faculty, and parents.

Strahley says he couldn't have won if it wasn't for the strong support system behind him.

"I was overwhelmed with joy and it's such an honor, not only for me, but for the entire district.  I'm not only happy but I'm very humbled and it's quite and honor.  It says an awful lot about the systems and structure we have in place here," said Strahley.

Strahley loves the color purple and is a huge fan of Michael Jackson.

In his honor, the middle school band played the hit song "Thriller."

Strahley is now in the running for 2018 National Principal of the Year.

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