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Willis Sharpe Kilmer portrayal at Phelps Mansion Museum

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - In honor of the 100th anniversary of Exterminator's surprising win at the Kentucky Derby, the Phelps Mansion Museum is hosting a recreation of the famous horse's owner. 

Local historian John Darrow will present his portrayal of millionaire playboy Willis Sharpe Kilmer on Monday.

Kilmer was heir to the Swamp Root fortune and used his enormous wealth to pursue many interests, chief among them horse racing.

Darrow has amassed an extensive collection of Kilmer family items over the years.

"My collection is rather extensive. I'm known worldwide as the Swamp Root Man. My specialty, more than collecting the commercial things, the bottles and things, is I happen to like personal artifacts. This happens to be Willis Sharpe Kilmer's personal walking stick, engraved with his name, Willis Sharpe Kilmer, right around the silver tang."

Darrow's presentation as Kilmer will focus mostly on his career as a horse breeder.

Kilmer created the Sun Briar Court track and stables along Riverside Drive.

The Phelps Mansion Museum will offer a lunch and the presentation for $20 at noon on Monday.

Tickets for the presentation alone at 1:00 pm are just $5 dollars. 

To reserve your lunch, call 722-4873.

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