Binghamton (WIVT) – A local construction company has expanded its office space to accommodate bigger projects.

William H. Lane Incorporated has added on to its office located at 113 Court Street in downtown Binghamton.

A tenant who was renting the space has recently left, allowing the 49 year-old construction company to relocate the estimating department downstairs.

Mark Mushalla is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for William H. Lane.

He said the company has cemented its roots in our area and has no plans of leaving.

“We’ve always been a Binghamton company, there was a short stint where we moved to Johnson City when we moved between buildings. We’ve always been Binghamton, we’ll always be Binghamton and we’re really glad to be back in downtown again,” said Mushalla.

The company has remodeled Boscov’s as well as the Metrocenter.

It plans continuing work on a student housing development that will be located on Chenango Street.

Mushalla said the company has a lot of work lined up and plans on adding a few more employees in the near future.