Vice President Pence defends President Trump’s decision to invite Vladimir Putin to the White House

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Vice President Mike Pence is defending President Trump’s decision to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House.

Pence sat down with NewsChannel 34’s White House correspondent Mark Meredith for a one on one interview.

In a one-on-one interview, Vice President Mike Pence told Meredith President Trump’s decision to invite Russian President Vladmir Putin to a second summit in Washington is about promoting peace.

“President Trump is absolutely determined to see if we could improve our relationship with Russia.” 

The Vice President says the world’s two biggest nuclear powers need to be talking to each other.

Many in congress say the President has been too soft on Putin and Russia.  But the Vice President disagrees.

“We’ll be very clear, we won’t tolerate a malign influence by Russia.”

This weekend the vice president is traveling to Tennessee and Georgia.

Two states where farmers and manufacturers are already losing money and jobs because of the President’s trade battles with china and our allies in Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

Meredith asked, “Is the White House going to be able to stay on this path or are you guys looking to change course?”

“We have every confidence in the days ahead…that we’ll be able to make real progress, whether it be in NAFTA that’s make significant progress in recent months, or re-negotiating our trade relationship with the EU,”

“our message to people across the country is…be confident”

On America’s immigration battles, the Vice President says it’s up to Congress to act.

But he hints the President intends to put the pressure on lawmakers this fall.

“There will be another round of spending bills, I can assure you the President is going to continue to fight.”

The Vice President will be spending the next several weeks on the road in an effort to promote the President’s accomplishments and agenda to voters ahead of the midterm elections.

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