U.S Agriculture Secretary joins Brindisi to discuss the needs of farmers

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The U.S Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue joined Congressman Anthony Brindisi to discuss the needs of local farmers.

The pair met at Chobani’s headquarters to tour the factory and hold a roundtable with representatives from the company along with farmers and community leaders. Brindisi and Perdue heard about how trade has been effected by recent tariffs, the state of agriculture in Upstate New York and USDA regulations. Perdue says it’s easy to see how good our nation’s farmers and producers are at what they do.

Sonny Perdue Agriculture Secretary says “I’ve told the President this. if we had the same degree of basic research, applied research, and extensive service delivery system in manufacturing that we have in agriculture, then we wouldn’t be talking about the demise of manufacturing. Agriculture has a trade surplus with China. While in manufacturing we have a 350 billion trade deficit.”

Perdue’s visit marks the first time a member of President Trump’s cabinet has visited the 22nd congressional district. Brindisi says it’s important to have Perdue here so he can see and talk with our farmers face to face.

Brindisi says “For the secretary to come and hear first hand from farmers and producers in our region, that’s a win for our community. There’s a lot of struggles that our farmers are facing right now. He’s been very attentive to all their needs and we’re trying to work collaboratively to address some of these concerns. Whether it’s trade issues, immigration, you name it, tariffs. We need to get some certainty for our farmers and if they have that certainty I believe they can feed the world.”

Perdue says one of the things working for farmers right now is the 2018 farm bill due to the various insurance coverage programs that are helping protect farmers and their income sources.


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