Treatment Alternative to Prosecution program seeing positive results in Broome County

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A program aimed at helping to curb the opioid crisis is seeing some positive results.

The Treatment Alternative to Prosecution or TAP Program was launched in Broome County back in April. 

The program is designed to reduce the number of drug related crimes by helping those with addiction problems.

Individuals charged with eligible offenses can have their charge dismissed if they participate and complete a 90 day treatment program at the Addiction Center of Broome County and then stay out of trouble for an additional six months. 

District Attorney Steve Cornwell says he continues to look for ways to solve the drug problem in our area. 

“I’d like to get to the point where we can see if you’re not in treatment in Broome County you don’t want to be in treatment. We want to have that ability to be able to send whoever wants to be in treatment to treatment. To prevent the loss of their life their loved ones lives being shattered, crime, financial repercussions,” said Cornwell.

In the initial pilot program 62 people enrolled in TAP and 46 of them have remained active in the treatment.

Cornwell says the program is mainly used for those that have committed non-violent drug related crimes.

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