BINGHAMTON, NY – A new psychological thriller is about to be shot in Binghamton.
“The Things We See” is the second local film produced by NBD Productions.
Last year, NBD filmed “The Hollow” which received several film festival awards and lead to opportunities for distribution.
“The Things We See” centers on the friendship between 2 men, Brisco and Keith.
NBD owner and the film’s director Charles Jonathon Truax says the movie is like a puzzle with plenty of surprises.

Director Charles Jonathon Truax says, “There is a ‘Holy cow! Eureka!’ moment where all of the pieces are going to fit together. And you’re not going to have known what you were watching. You’re going to have to go back and say, ‘Oh, my goodness. I cannot believe this was happening, I wasn’t even paying attention. Oh my God.'”

Truax says he has 2 men with multiple Grammy awards working as sound engineers and a top flight cinematographer.
Shooting is expected to begin in earnest soon with a goal of wrapping sometime in August.

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