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The Spa at Traditions introduces area's first infrared sauna

TOWN OF UNION, N.Y. - A spa treatment that is all the rage in New York City is coming to Greater Binghamton, inspired by a study conducted at Binghamton University.

The Spa at Traditions has introduced our area's first infrared sauna.

It uses infrared to raise the occupant's body temperature rather than traditional sources of heating.

Spa Manager Sysay Sysenh says the infrared warms the body from the inside out.

Sysenh says the treatment helps participants lose weight, sweat out toxins, boost the immune system and counteracts the effects of aging.

"As you step in there, you're not getting a full blast of hot air. It heats up as you sit in there. You're in there for a duration of 45 minutes. And within that 45 minutes, you're burning anywhere between 300 to 600 calories," said Sysenh.

A Binghamton University study found that people using the Infrared Sauna lost 4 percent of their body fat after 5 weeks of treatments.

Sysenh says that research prompted Traditions to add the Clearlight sauna.

Traditions is offering an Elements Package special for $35 that includes the infrared sauna, salt therapy and steam shower.

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