BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Two local Binghamtonian restaurateurs are bringing their cooking skills to the streets.

Aaron Laughlin and Marc Yezzi officially opened the big, red, Kitchen Counter food truck at last week’s Trucks on the Track event.

The truck parks at a different location almost every day, including the Dome on Airport Road on Wednesdays, Thursdays it’s at Sam the Beer Man on Front Street, and Sundays you can find it in the Beethoven Street parking lot at Rec Park.

The co-owner, Mark Yezzi says that they plan to keep switching up the menu option and be a chameleon of sorts.

Yezzi says, “There’s not really many food trucks operational day to day around the area. We’re looking to bring a unique dining experience or food option to the Broome County area. Menu wise, we’re looking to do a rotating menu every month, so, you can expect some fun, different sandwiches, sides.”

He says right, the Kitchen Counter is serving smash burgers and fried chicken sandwiches, but next month it could sushi burritos and ramen.

Visit their website to to order ahead of time,

Look up The Kitchen Counter on Facebook for location and menu updates.