The Government shutdown continues

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It’s day six of the partial government shutdown.

Both the House and Senate returned to session late this afternoon, but it’s unclear if anything will happen to end the partial government shutdown.  

NewsChannel 34’s Jessica Smith has the latest. 

President Trump re-upped his demand for $5 billion to fund his border wall, in order to end the shutdown. 

PRESIDENT TRUMP: When you say how long is it going to take? When are they going to say we need border security? When are the Democrats going to say? 

But Democratic Senator Dick Durbin says ending the shutdown is President Trump’s responsibility. Durbin tweeted in part:

“Hundreds of thousands of federal employees remain without pay –during the holidays — because of his reckless demand for a medieval border wall. This will end when the President and Republicans want it to.” 

On Thursday, the Office of Personnel Management released draft letters to help federal employees who aren’t getting paid during the shutdown. The letters give workers an outline to negotiate with their landlords and creditors. 

The new Congress starts on January 3rd…and if lawmakers don’t come to a deal soon, President Trump will have to negotiate with a Democratic House in order to end the shutdown.

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