The American Heart Association looks to make the workday healthier

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With people spending more time at work than ever before, the American Heart Association is looking to make the time spent there healthier.

It hosted more than 100 workers in the Southern Tier at a Wellness Summit at Traditions at the Glen.

Participants listened to expert speakers, took part in breakout sessions and had discussions about ways to improve health in the workplace.

Heart Association Communications Director Kristy Smorol says the average adult spends 47 hours a week at work.

“Today is not only helpful for companies to create healthier employees which are happier employees. But also it can help the bottom line as well. Healthier employees don’t call out sick as much, healthier employees don’t cost as much in health insurance. So really this is a win-win for businesses taking part today because they can help their employees and themselves at the same time.”

The keynote speaker was Debbie Morello, owner of Morello and Associates, who discussed inner office communication and how to make interpersonal relationships work. 


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