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Teen Traffic Safety

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - High schoolers from across the region got a potent message about dangerous driving today.

Over 800 students from 21 different school districts were at the Floyd Maines Arena for the 6th Annual Teen Traffic Safety Day. 

The event works to raise awareness about impaired driving, distracted driving and safety belts to reduce the number of teens injured or killed in car crashes.

Broome County Health Department Traffic Safety Coordinator Christine Muss says with the motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among adolescents.

 "It's really important to raise awareness about traffic safety especially with young people. Usually within Five years of getting a license is the deadliest time for a young drive to get into a crash. So we want to make sure they have all the education they need to make safe choices behind the wheel," Muss says.

Students took part in the Battle of the Belts Competition, experienced safety belt demonstrations, drove simulators and attempted to complete simple tasks while wearing fatal vision goggles.

New to this year's event was stations addressing bicycle and pedestrian safety, motorcycle safety and warnings about driving on flooded roadways.

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