The Hemp Industry has begun to plant itself in New York.

The first Southern Tier Hemp Summit was hosted Friday by the Castetter Sustainability Group and the Binghamton University Office of Entrepreneurship.

The event featured hemp industry leaders from across the country to help educate, network, and plan the future of hemp in New York. 

Founder and Director of Hemp Cleans Jason Lauve helped draft the first hemp legislation in Colorado back in 2012.

He says that hemp has many different uses and can offer a lot to New York’s economy. 

“Being that a lot of the other states have experience over the last 20 years some only five years some only three years. The learning curve is getting shorter and faster so I’m very excited to share a lot of the information that we can bring to New York, so that people here can take that information and run with it essentially,” said Founder.

Lauve adds that it is important for people to understand all the other uses for Hemp instead of just associating it with marijuana. 

There were also panel discussions that took place on topics such as Farming Practices and Marketing opportunities.