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Sotak not stepping down as Town of Union Supervisor after indictment

TOWN OF UNION, N.Y. - Town of Union Supervisor Rose Sotak will not step down after being indicted on abuse of power charges.

The Town of Union Board held its meeting last night, where Rose Sotak showed up and conducted business as usual.

On Wednesday, she was indicted in Broome County court on 5 charges including official misconduct and obstructing governmental administration.

She also faces a felony charge of corrupt use of position or authority.

The Town Board hired Coughlin and Gerhart Law Firm to conduct an investigation after employees came forward and accused Sotak of harassment.

Over 20 employees claim Sotak uses abusive language, causes a hostile work enviroment and threatens to use her power to fire employees.

Councilman Rob Mack told NewsChannel 34 that the board asked Sotak to resign before the meeting last night.

Mack says "she said it wasn't going to happen."

He says he never knew employees were being treated poorly.

"I had no idea of the depth and severity of some of the harassment until the investigation started. Once it started, many people came forwarded and felt emboldened and they were not as fearful because they were coming forward in numbers," said Sotak.

The meeting lasted about 2 hours and her indictment was not mentioned until the last half hour, where multiple residents inquired about legal fees.

The Town's insurance is slated to cover legal costs, but board members say premiums could increase as a result.

However, tax payer money is not expected to be used on legal fees.

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