BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Classic Rock and Roll fans, get ready for a once in a lifetime concert coming to our area.

The Sock Out Cancer Benefit Concert will take place Friday, October 21st at the Broome County Forum Theatre.

The event will feature Fran Cosmo, who was the lead singer of Boston for 10 years, Steve Augeri, who was the lead singer of Journey for 8 years after Steve Perry, and the Phillip Myers Band.

There will also be performances in Albany and Syracuse.

All of the profits will be divided equally between the Upstate Foundation, Golisano Children’s Hospital, Lourdes, and UHS.

Security Mutual Life Chairman Bruce Boyea, who founded Sock Out Cancer, said that every penny will stay in the Upstate region.

Myers, who has performed for Sock Out Cancer before, is excited to return.

Myers said, “I made a phone call to a couple of my friends, and I said I need a favor. I need for you to come do this, and do it out of the goodness of your heart and not so much about your pocket. In other words, we can’t pay you that much to do it, but the thing is, both of these guys have lost so many friends in the industry, due to cancer, and they were willing to step up and do this for us.”

Boyea said that Sock Out Cancer plans to take this performance across the nation to spark more widespread awareness.

Each foundation involved with Sock Out Cancer received a packet of tickets that will be distributed to cancer patients and their families.

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