The Roberson Museum and Science Center wants to ensure that no one is deprived of its art, science, and culture because they can’t afford admission.

Roberson has introduced its Pay It Forward program.

Any individual or sponsoring business or organization can purchase Pay It Forward admissions in the form of magnetic discs that others can use to enter.

These prepaid magnets rest on panels near the entry.

Executive Director Michael Grasso says he hates the thought of turning anyone away.

“If you can afford to pay an extra $8 to give someone else the opportunity to imagine and explore, I’m asking you to do so.  And thank you for contributing to the cultural fabric of our community,” said Grasso.

The Agency got the program started this week with a donation to cover 150 magnets.

Each magnet costs $8 which is the adult entrance fee.

They include an admission to a planetarium show, which is typically a separate admission, if there’s one taking place.