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Korchak for DA

The Republican primary for Broome County District Attorney is now only days away. 

GOP voters only will be able to cast their ballots for DA on Tuesday June 25th.

In preparation, NewsChannel 34’s Dylan Kuhn sat down with candidate Mike Korchak to discuss why he believes he should be the next DA. 

Mike Korchak says there’s no doubt in his mind why he wants to be Broome County’s next District Attorney. 

Mike Korchak says “I want to continue doing what I’ve been doing for 21 years of my career. Be a prosecutor, prosecute the guilty, bring justice to victims of violent crime in Broome County.”

Korchak currently serves as Broome County’s Chief Assistant District Attorney.

He has been a trial lawyer for 30 years spending 21 one of them as a prosecutor. 

Along with his time in the Broome County DA’s office, he spent 6 years working for the Bronx District Attorney and also was a judge for the Town of Union.

One of the big talking points of this election has been the DA’s office relationship with law enforcement.

Korchak says he has a great working relationship with local police agencies. 

Mike Korchak says “I’ve tried numerous murder, robbery, and violent felony trials. Worked on wire tap investigations as well as prosecuted narcotics traffickers. You can’t do that unless you have a relationship with the police department.”

Korchak says that he wants to continue a lot of the good work the District Attorney’s office has been doing.

However there is something he believes can be improved upon. 
Mike Korchak says “I think we need to establish better relations with police departments down in New York City. Because a lot of the crime is generated from individuals coming from New York City and committing crimes in Broome County.”

He says the biggest issue the area is currently facing is the opioid epidemic.

Korchak says current District Attorney Steve Cornwell has done a great job creating more treatment programs for addicts and expanding drug court.

He says they are sending more drug dealers to prison now than ever before. 

Mike Korchak says “The guilty who are selling the drugs should be sent to state prison and the individuals that are unfortunately addicted to the drug need to get help.”

Korchak says when voters go to the polls, he hopes they make their decision based on qualifications and facts. 

Mike Korchak says “Voters have a clear choice. it’s between someone that’s been a prosecutor for 21 years, worked daily with law enforcement to prosecute some of the most violent criminals in the history of Broome County. Or a politician who’s never set foot in the Da’s office, never presented a case to a grand jury and runs around screaming about cases that he knows nothing about.”

In Binghamton, Dylan Kuhn NewsChannel 34.

The primary takes place from noon until 9 next Tuesday.

To find your polling place, go to

To see the full interview click here.

Tomorrow, Dylan will be sitting down with his primary opponent Paul Battisti.


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