The First Ward Action Council is marking its progress on two major housing revitalization projects. 

New York State Homes and Community Renewal made visits Wednesday to two historic rehabilitation projects in Binghamton. 

The first of which is a $10.5 million revitalization along the blighted neighborhood of Crandall Street.

The Crandall Street project will create 37 affordable homes and 1,000 feet of commercial space out of a dozen old dilapidated buildings. . 

Executive Director of the First Ward Action Council Jerry Willard says the improvements will bring new life to the area.

“We’re restoring the past to enhance the future.We’re creating a new Binghamton here and elsewhere. There’s all types of things going on Binghamton and also elsewhere. Governor Cuomo is supporting a lot of projects in the Southern Tier,” said Willard.

The second development announced was the rehabilitation of the former Endicott Johnson Medical clinic.

The $6.3 million renovations turned the old clinic into the E.J Apartments creating 20 homes for seniors.

House Manager Beverly Moschak says it has been exciting creating another option for seniors to stay in their home community. 

“I’ve been blessed, it’s a wonderful wonderful feeling. Jerry Willard asked me to be the house manager and I had told him that I was honored and I’ve done the bets to my abilities,” said Moschak.

The E.J Apartments are located at 305 Clinton Street.

The complex also includes five apartments for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities which the Southern Tier Independence Center providing the service.

The financing came from state, federal and some local government sources.