BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – When a local charity needed a lift, the Raymond Corporation lent a hand.

Michelle Dow, the Pantry Supervisor at Catholic Charities of Broome County, and her team of volunteers recognized that helping the growing number of people in need required more efficient ways to stock essential goods. The pallet jack they had been using to store food on shelves for the last fifteen years had a broken wheel and was difficult to operate.

When a volunteer told her brother, who works for Raymond, about these challenges, the charity was given a brand new pallet jack within two weeks.

This addition enables volunteers to move more supplies into their inventory faster, decreasing the time needed to distribute these goods to the community.

“Just having this pallet jack will help us use volunteers who maybe are not as fit; a lot of people like to volunteer when they are a little bit older and retired and this sort of technology helps them to be able to move large amounts of food easily and helps us serve the many thousands of people that we serve,” said Dow.

Dow says that this donation will help them stock fifteen thousand pounds of food today and over sixty thousand pounds for the entire month, with goods ranging from fresh produce to laundry detergent.

They are accepting donations by phone at 729-9166 or by mail to 232 Main Street.