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Tonight we profile the 2 men who hope to succeed Cliff Crouch who is retiring after 25 years in the Assembly.

Here’s Joe Angelino and Rick Shaw on why they each think they should represent the 122nd District in Albany.

Republican Joe Angelino has spent his entire career serving his country, the people of Norwich and the constituents of the 122nd District. He’s the former police chief of Norwich, a decorated retired Marine Sergeant Major who did multiple tours in Iraq and a volunteer for 5 years representing Assemblyman Crouch in the district.

“I’m a known quantity. I’ve been in the public eye for many years. They know the reputation I have for providing service effectively using taxpayer dollars,” as Angelino.

Democrat Rick Shaw has lived in Delaware County his entire life, with the exception of 4 years serving his country in the Air Force.

Shaw began his career in construction and later became the health and safety coordinator for DCMO BOCES.

“I’ve never run for elected office before. I’m just a common man with common sense. And I think that’s what’s lacking in Albany right now is some common sense,” says Shaw.

Angelino says the COVID pandemic has made an already unfriendly environment for farms and businesses even worse.

He says Upstate needs lower taxes and fewer regulations but he readily acknowledges the difficulty in advancing legislation as a member of the minority.

He knows he’ll need allies on the other side of the aisle.

“Working with Assemblyman Crouch, I’ve seen how effective he can be in bridging some gaps or opening some doors. Or just helping people navigate the labyrinth of New York State agencies,” says Angelino.

Shaw says his BOCES job gave him first-hand knowledge of the crushing number of regulations and mandates passed down from Albany.

While he knows the 122nd is heavily Republican, he says that as a moderate Democrat, he’ll have a lot more clout in the Democrat-dominated Assembly.

“I do have the support of both Republican and Democrat supporters, that I can get some things done in this district. We’ve been without that representation for many, many years,” says Shaw.

Angelino says he’ll be a tireless worker, advocating on behalf of business to reduce workers comp rates and end the public financing of elections.

He says Upstate has lost 1.4 million residents who have moved out of state for better opportunities.

“We’ve got to stop that hemorrhaging of people out of the state. We do that by reducing taxes, we do that by easing up on some regulations and making things more business-friendly,” says Angelino.

Shaw says he’ll advocate for more infrastructure spending in the district and push back on efforts to restrict hunting and fishing.

Both men say they want to forge relationships with the New York City legislators who run the Assembly to help them better understand the lifestyle and needs of Upstate.

“I love Upstate New York. Born and raised here. You take a look at these leaves, this area, it’s just absolutely beautiful. I want to maintain that, I want to preserve that for our future generations,” says Shaw.

Both say they’re ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Early voting in New York State begins tomorrow at 4 locations across Broome County.

For a list of dates, times and locations, go to BroomeVotes.com.

See full interviews with the candidates below:

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