Broome County Executive Jason Garnar was looking to solicit public opinion on shared services, but only one person showed up to speak.

A public hearing on shared services was held Wednesday morning at the George F Johnson Library in Endicott from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Garnar has been taking in ideas and suggestions from the public to find ways for local municipalities to share services.

The initiative was passed by state lawmakers and the state will match the savings created as a result of consolidating.

Wednesday’s meeting lasted only a few minutes with Union-Endicott School Board member Joe Ozvold asking if there was anything more school districts could do to contribute.

A committee made up of town supervisors, mayors and school superintendents is working to create the plan as well.

Garnar says that while the public has a lot to contribute, supervisors, mayors and department heads also have a lot of insight to offer.

“Municipal leaders are right in the trenches.They’re working every day. They have a good idea of services that they can and can’t share. I think because they’re in it every day, they probably have more ideas on how to share services,” Garnar.

One more public meeting will be held in the next two weeks.

Garnar has to submit a plan to the legislature by August 1st.

He says it will mainly be an expansion of services already shared, and he has no plans to consolidate any villages or towns.